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Radio Projects

Sierra Leone

Independent Radio Network (IRN)

Radio Moa

Radio Bintumani

Radio Gbafth

Voice of Kunike

Radio Tonyah

Kiddies Radio

Choice FM

Eastern Radio

Radio Mankneh


Radio Cape Mount

Radio Kintoma

Radio Nimba

Community Radio
Jebeh Momoh ‘on the air’ at Radio Cape Mount in Sinje, Liberia.

Community Radio

Radio stations serve as a vital link between people, communities and their government. By broadcasting in local languages and reaching tens of thousands of listeners, they ensure that information is widely available. Radio amplifies the public’s call for improvements in education, health care, economic development, good governance and human rights. FWA has helped start or upgrade twelve radio stations across Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as Sierra Leone’s Independent Radio Network (IRN).

Radio networks connect local stations with each other and the rest of the country. In Sierra Leone, the Independent Radio Network (IRN) provides national news coverage with reports from member stations. IRN plays a key role in elections by informing voters about the process, their rights, and polling results. It’s journalists and member stations protect each other from political intimidation, while fostering peaceful resolution of conflict.

Our primary partner is Search for Common Ground (, a leader in using media for conflict transformation in West Africa. SFCG trains communities in station governance, management, programming, technical and other essential skills. SFCG also produces radio programs to provide information and foster peace and reconciliation. To listen, visit